Parachute Rope Balloon Rope Kevlar 1500D/3

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Excellent features of high temperature resistance, fire retardant, light weight, high strength, high modulus, dimensional stability, low shrinkage, resistance to puncture, cut resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, good mechanical properties, dielectric properties and more.


• Kevlar lines with high strength advantage, weight ratio and tensile strength are 6 times than steel line , three times than fiberglass, two times than the high-strength nylon industrial yarn;

• Kevlar lines tensile modulus is 3 times than steel line, 2 times than the fiberglass , and 10 times than the high-strength nylon industrial yarn;

• Kevlar lines with extremely wide temperature range for continuously use: -196℃~330℃ Long-term normal operation between -196℃ and 330℃. Shrinkage rate is 0 at 150 ℃, at a high temperature of 560 ℃ not melt not decomposition.

• The mechanical properties: strength : 3.6 GPa, elongation modulus : 131 GPa, elongation at break: 2.8%

• The thermal properties: Long-term use temperature: 380 ℃, axial thermal expansion coefficient : -2 × 10 ^ (-6) / K, thermal conductivity : 0.048 W (m · K)


Military firefighting, labor protection, military labor Fire shoes sewing, weaving wire fence, and special textile sewing. Auto parts, cables and wires, fiber optic cable and plastic enhanced


• Length per kg: 1800m
• Breaking strength: 90kgpayload-balloon-parachute-rope-kevlar-1500-d-3




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