Experience Sharing Activity

We launch this EXPERIENCE SHARING ACTIVITY for sharing experience about using our products. No matter your experience is good or bad, all are welcome.

Things is always complex for the one knows nothing and easy for the one knows it at all. We here wish to create a space where we can learn from each other. Such as “My first time to launch a weather balloon fly to the sky”, “How to build a camera capture pictures very two seconds”, “How to build a APRS system by ARDUINO BOARD”, “Get meteorological data from high altitude by my sounding balloon”,……

We are more focus on “How to”, your experience means a lot to the new ones. So don’t be so mean to tell us what you know!

This experiencing sharing activity is only open for our customer, we will pay for the work. Each order only can submit one article, at least 800 words and 10 clear pictures, we have the right to modify only layout and publish it in our BLOG. We have the right to adjust the payment according to article and picture quality. All the articles must be original we don’t accept COPY one. Once we adopt your article and publish in our BLOG we will pay directly to your PAYPAL account.

See below the payment arrange:

Your order amount (USD $) Our payment to you (USD $)
80~150 5~12
151~200 8~15
201~250 10~18
251~300 14~22
301~350 18~26
More than 351 28~50