Useful Arduino electronic components such as Arduino microchip Atmega328P-PU UNO R3 with bootloader, Arduino 5mm common cathode color LED green blue and red, Arduino 1/4 five color wrap resistance pack 20 types 20 pieces for each total 400 pieces, Arduino 5mm LED light pack 100 pieces  include red green yellow white and blue, Arduino photoresistance 5528 photoelectric switch component, etc.


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GL5528 LDR Photo Resistors Photoresistor Light Dependent Resistor

Specifications: • Condition:  NEW, 100% Good Quality • Model:  GL5...


Crystal Oscillator 16Mhz 20PPM For Arduino UNO Mega2560

Specification: • Freq.Range: 16MHZ • Freq.Tol.: 20PPM • Load Capacilta...


5mm Full Colour (RGB) LED Common Cathode Common 4 PIN Diffused

Features: Water Clear 5mm Super Bright Common Cathode RGB LED. Can produce many co...


5V Buzzer Piezo Transducer

Features: 5V Buzzer PCB & Breadboard Mountable Low Power Consumption Sealed Base...


5161AS Red LED Display Common Cathode 1 Bit Digital Tube 7 Segment 10 Pin

Specifications: • Emitting Colour:Red  • Encapsulation Adhesive Colour:...


Arduino IC Atmega328P-PU UNO R3 Micro Controller Chip With Bootloader

The ATmeg328 is a low-power CMOS 8 bit microcontroller based on  AVR enhanced RISC (R...


1/4 Metal Film Resistor 20 Pieces For Every 20 Types Total 400 Pieces

Overview: There are 20 types regular different resistance: 10Ω、22Ω、47Ω、100Ω、220Ω、470Ω、6...


Five Color 5mm LED 2 Pin Water Clear Light Diode Kit 100 Pieces

Summary • Red emmiting Red: 20 pieces • Green emmiting Green: 20 pieces •&n...